Grundfos National Dealer Conference

The event begins with a welcome dinner at the Gran Via Cafe - Gran Melia hotel, tinged with a fun, casual and relaxed atmosphere, filled with small talk and joking from the guests, which is split into 4 parts of a long table.

Day 1,

After enjoying breakfast together, the guests departed to Grundfos office to start all series of events on this first day which had been prepared by the GNDC Team. Greeted with a speech from the Managing Director of PT. Grundfos Pompa, Mr. Gert Borrits, then the event of Grundfos National Dealer Conference was officially opened.

On this first day, the event started with a presentation about the latest organizational structure of PT. Grundfos Pompa, which focuses on the Customer Care Unit. Grundfos has also introduced one of their latest program known as, Boost Energy Optimization Now and Future (BEO) by Mr. Richard as BEO Manager.

Then, each department also participated in this meeting by giving the participants information about the latest updates of their own department. This update is divided into 6 sections, update from Water Utility Department (WU), Commercial Building Department (CBS), Industry Department, Marketing and public media, also logistics and production.

Not only listen to all updates from every department, today's event was followed by a tour around the office and warehouse of PT. Grundfos Pompa. The participants were introduced to the atmosphere, the hi-tech facilities and new “Tropical Forest” interior from PT. Grundfos Pompa office and warehouse.

With the aim of making meetings more relaxed atmosphere and less tense, then in 2015, PT. Grundfos Pompa provide interesting entertainments. So, the participants not only just sit and listen to the meeting and exchange ideas with the Grundfos team.

And the entertainment that presented by the team is a magician action during lunch time, make the atmosphere more exciting, fun, and relaxed. As if not satisfied with the action of magic in the day, the participants were entertained again by belly dancer in the evening when dinner along with the theme of Marocco at Marocco House Jakarta.

Day 2,

On this day, the event was resumed. It begins with the Dealer Performance right at 9 am and followed by an update from Finance Department. Specials on this day, Grundfos inform all training schedules which will run throughout 2015, also the latest pricelist of several Grundfos products.

Also, there are specifically selected dealer, PT. Saka Parfima, which on this occasion gave a presentation, regarding the project of Saka Parfirma using Grundfos and how they use Grundfos branding.

The event ended in the afternoon at 5 pm, where the dealers and Grundfos said goodbye to each other.

So, see you back in GNDC 2016!