Grundfos nominated for Danish Design Award 2001

One of the reasons for the nomination is the ground-breaking technology and precision in the dosing of liquids of Grundfos' digital dosing system. It is very easy to adjust the pump due to the electronic controls as well as the clear and simple indications on the display of the pump and so the user will save time when adjusting it.
In addition the fine precision means overdosing is easy to avoid and so the amount of liquid pumped can be reduced.

The pump has a large span. For instance, one pump can dose from 0.048 to 48 litres of liquid an hour. It can be constantly monitored either by means of a display on the pump itself or through one or more remote control modules.

The Danish Design Award is given away once a year by the Danish Design Centre who want to draw attention to good design and point out the possibilities of design, combined with new technology and user-friendliness, to actively influencing the society of tomorrow.