Grundfos promotes interactivity at IFAT

When IFAT opens its doors in Munich, Germany, from May 30 to June 3, Grundfos aims to create extraordinary customer experiences. According to Sales Development Director Jan Pedersen, Grundfos’ booth provides an ideal platform to develop a closer relationship to the customers.

- This goes far beyond the mere presentation of products. We can provide the clients with an amazing experience of expertise, systems thinking, tools and service solutions and position ourselves as their equal partners – and preferred supplier, he states.

Intelligent systems

One amazing experience will be an interactive video game demo, communicating how various combinations of intelligent Grundfos products can create entire systems that delivers problem-free functionality and integration.

The video game is based on Kinect technology, where a camera registers a person’s movements and translates them into interactions with the screen without the use of controllers or remotes. In a virtual city environment, the fair guest is going to use his or her hands to plug as many pipe bursts as possible within 30 seconds just like in a classic video game.

The guests also have the possibility of solving problems and optimizing an entire system by choosing between different pumps. A Grundfos Remote Management control center, connected to several demos and products, is another offer. It makes it possible for the guests to experience how products communicate with one another and their surroundings, demonstrating that Grundfos is setting the direction towards the next level of digitalization and connectivity.

Experience exchange
Dialogue with the customers is still an important issue for Grundfos, and on June 1, 300 important customers are invited to a dialogue network event, taking place at the BMW Museum. It will be a get-together of experts for exchanging experiences in a relaxed atmosphere.

- To cut a long story short, our ambition is to put the customers’ demands in focus and to encourage people to always choose Grundfos as their preferred supplier – because a partnership with Grundfos offers so much more than a simple business relation. An exhibition such as IFAT is the perfect opportunity for us to increase customer engagement and customer loyalty, Jan Pedersen says.