Grundfos sets new agenda in Second Life

”New ideas, the chance to invite users to take part, dialogue across national borders, innovation power and a large amount of curiosity are the reasons why Grundfos is going to open a new and completely different island in Second Life,” Mr Thomas Koldbæk from Grundfos eBusiness says.

Looking at the world with new eyes

Grundfos is primarily entering the three dimensional universe with the purpose of learning.
”We want to examine all the possibilities of the computer made worlds. The natural thing for us is focus on sustainable development, and therefore we have built our island with environmental issues and energy consumption as main topics. We want as much interaction as possible. In several places visitors are invited to support projects that, on a long view, will result in initiatives in the real world. For instance, users of Second Life are invited to buy virtual SQ Flex installations and thereby contribute to donating a real SQ Flex installation for a water supply project in Africa in the real world”, Mr Koldbæk explains.

More than 4 walls and a logo

”We have spent quite some time deciding how and why we want to be present in Second Life. Our island is of optimum quality, and facilities and buildings have inviting and exciting designs. Users are constantly invited to be active. Grundfos will let the island live for about six months, during which time we will evaluate the efforts and benefits continuously,” Mr Koldbæk says.

Long-term perspectives

However, Grundfos also wants to clarify the trends of virtual worlds now and in the future.
”The virtual universes are right now in a phase of experimenting. Our approach is focusing strongly on sustainability and on our corporate values. Grundfos’ primary aim is learning, and then analysing what use we can make of the virtual universes. For instance, this could be a forum of co-operation in which we arrange meetings and conferences with all parties interested in our business,” Thomas Koldbæk concludes.