Grundfos Supplier Award 2008 to London-based company

This is not least important in a time of recession and financial crisis.

Each year Grundfos awards a supplier for having lived up to the company’s expectations. The receiver of Grundfos Supplier Award 2008 has exceeded expectations and contributed to bringing Grundfos into World Class.

The company in question is British Morgan Advanced Ceramics Ltd., originated in London, UK. For more than 40 years Morgan has been a stable supplier of components to Grundfos. Co-operation started with ceramic shafts and bearings and today Morgan supplies a large of other components as well.

Morgan and Grundfos share a mutual understanding of the business and both agree on contributing to each other’s development. Grundfos greatly appreciates that Morgan has very high standards regarding quality and security of supply. Morgan has in great excellence improved the quality level and 2008 was an extraordinary positive year regarding quality and supply.

The ceramic components are recyclable and present no threat towards the environment, which is an important part of the mutual understanding. The components with practically no wear are manufactured in a production department exclusively for components to Grundfos.

Morgan is an innovative company and, together with Grundfos, they developed a pilot valve which is now used at Grundfos in France. The high sense of quality and the emphasis on co-operation are seen at all levels of the organisation and so Morgan is a natural choice as the receiver of Grundfos Supplier Award.

The award was presented on 17 June at Grundfos Group HQ in Bjerringbro, Denmark.