Hungarian supplier recognised for great performance

Since we started our production in Hungary, Royalpack Packaging has been a key supplier. Making sure that our facilities in Tatabánya and Székesfehérvár always have the right wooden packaging solutions – for example pallets, pallet collars, racks and wooden boxes. In 2015 the company has done an excellent job at almost all KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) when it comes to the way we measure our suppliers.
“Royalpack Packaging is a valued supplier, because of their ability to comply with our demands. The company has a high-level of knowledge and their service and support are outstanding – nothing is impossible when we ask Royalpack Packaging to make changes or renew an existing solution,” says General Manager for Grundfos Corporate Purchase, Klavs Hornum.  

Growing the business
Managing Director Imre Gombos founded the company in 1998 on values similar to those of Grundfos, such as a pioneering spirit and dedication to people and environment. The company headquarters is located in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, and employs 75 people. Since 2000 the packaging company has been a valued partner, which has been growing its business alongside ours.
“It is a huge recognition, and we are very happy to be chosen as supplier of the year. We know how important it is for Grundfos that they can deliver the produced parts and products in a safe way,” Imre Gombos says.

Strong involvement
Royalpack Packaging also shows great interest in early supplier involvement as well as in Design to Value activities, where Grundfos aims at saving money on the way we produce and distribute our products
“Every detail counts – whether it is a part for the pump or the way the final product is shipped. This year’s winner has showed that all kind of suppliers are important and that it is possible to make a difference and contribute to our business,” Klavs Hornum says.

Great relationship
Actually it is the second time that Royalpack Packaging has been recognised by Grundfos. In 2007 the company was chosen as supplier of the year, when our Hungarian production company pointed out the best local supplier. 
“We have a strong relationship with Grundfos and I really hope that we can
develop it even further in the future,” Imre Gombos says.
The two companies have recently signed a contract, which is the first step in Royalpack Packaging’s journey to become a regional supplier of wooden packaging solutions.