In Dublin, every drop counts

Insufficient improvements on the distribution system have led to a large water loss as well as a growing need for treatment of the water, which is distributed to the more than 500,000 inhabitants of the Greater Dublin Region. This is the inevitable consequence of decades without significant improvements, neither in the distribution network nor in the water treatment area.

Financial backing

In order to solve the problems, financial resources have been made available. Some resources are earmarked to replace parts of the supply network, while other funds are specifically intended to establish new solutions within water treatment. The need for these initiatives is intensified by the fact that Greater Dublin expects a population growth of more than 100,000 inhabitants over the next seven to eight years.

- Our strategy is to reduce leakage through a major investment programme in network rehabilitation, to maximise the use of existing assets, increase the water production capability and set up a plan for a new sustainable water source towards 2020, states Tom Leahy, Executive Manager, Dublin City Council.

- If we can actively manage the pressure on our network, we will automatically be able to reduce the leakage level as part of this strategy. This means that we can ensure security and service to our customers. Our strategy also supports our national economy by utilising the enormous opportunities we have in connection with the water resources to create large numbers of new jobs, particularly in the ICT/Agri-food and Pharma sectors of our economy, Tom Leahy says.

From the collected mass of water that circulates in the Greater Dublin distribution network, the water loss level has been reduced from 42 per cent to 28 per cent since 1996. According to Tom Leahy, there is still a considerable loss of water as a consequence of leakages in the supply network. In certain areas, three households are using the equivalent of 220 normal households.

Best value-for-money solution

With the large water loss follows the need to improve the efforts made within water treatment. Aecom Design Build Ireland Ltd. is involved in solving this par t of the problem. Aecom is an engineering company, which specialises in designing and establishing new water treatment solutions. In 2012, Aecom purchased a complete Grundfos solution covering water treatment, chemical preparation and metering.

- We found that Grundfos’ ability to provide the entire package from a single facility on a reasonable commercial basis offered Aecom the best value-for-money solution for the project, says Barry Hennigan, Design and Tendering Manager, Aecom Design Build Ireland Ltd.

- Grundfos’ comprehensive rangeof products and technical solutionswithin water treatment provide an attractive one-stop solution to Aecom’s requirements. In Aecom's opinion, there are opportunities for Grundfos to continue as a valued service provider for our ongoing project requirements, Barry Hennigan adds.

The new water treatment solution is expected to be installed at the Leixlip water treatment plant, which supplies the entire Greater Dublin Region with potable water.