Grundfos acquires Indian software company

Dansteel Engineering India, located in New Delhi with 17 employees, has previously worked on developing software and control systems for the steel industry. Following Grundfos’ acquisition of the company, its resources will be used for developing software related to the pump industry.

In addition to software for pump control, monitoring and maintenance, the knowledge built up by the Indian company will also be utilised by Grundfos’ production plants in the control of production lines.

Ever greater demands are being placed on software in the high-tech pump industry. Both the internal electronics in pumps and their electronic monitoring systems can reduce the pumps’ energy consumption significantly, thus helping to protect the environment. Pump production itself also requires more and more advanced control systems to streamline production and help make it as environmentally friendly as possible.

Most of the 17-strong team at Dansteel Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. are to remain with the company as Grundfos employees, and it is anticipated that in- creased demands on pump software will involve future expansion of the company.

Technology is becoming an increasing part of Grundfos’ production. Less than two months ago, Grundfos rented premises from ADC, a telecommunications company in Farum in Denmark, to establish ultra-modern production facilities for water pressure sensors, a product which makes Grundfos’ pumps even more “intelligent” and energy efficient.