Industry Seminar - Cikarang Cluster

Seeing this situation, where market opportunity is still open although economic
conditions are not good, Grundfos Indonesia Industry Segment in collaborated
with Authorized Dealer Jakarta " PT. Andalan Inti Rekatama (AIR) ", supported by Service Team, held a one-day seminar.

This event was held at the Sahid Jaya Hotel in Cikarang on August 4th, inviting Industrial & OEM end customer within Cikarang and Bekasi. A total of 30 people who were representatives from 19 companies attended this seminar.

Seminar starts at 10.30 with opening addressed by representatives from both Grundfos and AIR. After then sequentially, all presenters who were also from both Gundfos Indonesia & AIR presented their given topic, start from; GPC, Wide Range, Water Treatment, CR Product & Campaign, until Service.  

Following the habit of Grundfos Indonesia's seminar or gathering, participants were given the opportunity to ask anything they want to us just within he presentation, the aim is to ensure the 2-way communication happen and the most important one is to avoid boredom which commonly attack participants. As the result, participants stay energized and refreshed to follow the presentation until finish.

Event ended by door prize session which is also one of thing that made participants remained strong this end of Seminar. Expected this first joint road show will expand to other areas, so the synergies that have developed between the principal and the dealer in developing market continues to run well together.