Infarm A/S received prestigious Environmental Award

”We regard the Environmental Award as a recognition of the fact that the environmental problems within agriculture can and must be solved. Our environmental technology offers an opportunity to rethink the entire value chain in food production,” said Allan Skovgaard, Gen. Manager of Infarm A/S.

Infarm A/S’ solutions allow agriculture to reduce the environmental strain considerably. Additional advantages are improved animal welfare, improved pigsty environment and increased crop yields.

Protecting sensitive natural resorts
”We are offering an approved and well tested plant that reduces the emission of ammonia as well as nitrogen considerably. With our technology the farmer can obey the rules of reduction concerning ammonia emission. Nature is protected from nitrogen pollution whereas the farmer will obtain increased crop yields. This is ingenious. We call it value in environment,” said Mr Skovgaard.

Substantial CO2 reduction
Infarm A/S aims to support the pig breeders and cattle breeders who want to develop their basis of production and profit with constantly increasing environmental demands. This goes for Denmark as well as other countries.

”Our slurry acidification plants give a substantial reduction of the emission of greenhouse gasses, methane and laughing gas in particular. Today Infarm A/S treats about 1 percent of the total amount of Danish liquid manure, corresponding to 20,000 tonnes of CO2 a year. This is a substantial figure, not only for agriculture but also in the national CO2 score,” Mr Skovgaard stated.

”Provided the right political initiatives are taken, our environmental technology may contribute with a substantial reduction of Denmark’s environmental and climate strains. At the same time the gains for agriculture are substantial in the short as well as longer term,” so Mr Skovgaard.

Facts about Infarm
Infarm A/S, an autonomous, private limited company in the Grundfos Group, produces and sells environmental solutions for animal production. The company has world-wide patents in technologies concerning acidification, smell fighting and separation.
The company emphasises the value of development, production and sales exercised with due respect for people, animals, the environment and the economy in agriculture.
In recent years Infarm A/S has demonstrated its strength in the fields of ammonia evaporation, automated slurry treatment and, most recently, odour free slurry and separation.
The company aims to offer integrated and cost efficient solutions for environmental problems directly at the source.

Facts about the jury’s reason for the award:
”Infarm A/S is given the Environmental Improvement Award for the company’s development of technology for automated slurry treatment which ensures that ammonia is fixed in the slurry as ammonium. By using a slurry treatment plant the ammonia evaporation in pigsties as well as in slurry tanks and during spreading will be substantially reduced, the amount of green-house gasses in the slurry will be reduced and, on the other hand, the fertilising value of the slurry will increase, resulting in increases in crop yields. Infarm’s plants are aimed at industrialised cattle and pig production and the jury regards the reduction in ammonia evaporation and loss as well as in CO2 emission as a valuable contribution to the reduction of agriculture’s climate strain.”
Henrik Sandbech, Director of the National Environmental Research Institute, chairman of the jury.

Facts about the Environmental Award of the EU:
Since 1987 the Society of Danish Engineers, in co-operation with the EU, has awarded environmental improvements implemented by companies and others who have taken commendable initiatives in environmental matters.

This year the Society is handing out out another much-coveted award. The competition, which is the most prestigious environmental award in the EU, has two levels: National awards and a complementary competition on a European level. This year the Danish jury hands out awards for environmental improvements in the categories of Environment Technology and Green Products & Solutions.

The jury comprises members selected by the Danish Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Business, the Confederation of Danish Industries, the Danish Federation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, the Danish Society for the Conservation of Nature, the Economic Council of the Labour Movement, The Society of Danish Engineers. The latter handled the presidency and secretariat and was in charge of the award ceremony. The competition is carried out in co-operation with the EU. Similar competitions are conducted in the other member states in the EU.