Italian top performer awarded supplier of the year

Our collaboration with Italian Mollificio Mantovano is a partnership of larger magnitude. The company provides important parts like compression springs, clamps and pins to our Integrated Water Circuit production in HVAC OEM and is a direct supplier for nine plants in six countries.

“We are very happy about our collaboration with Grundfos. We talk to Grundfos employees almost every day and are always able to find a solution together. This award confirms our mutual recognition and we are very grateful”, says owner and Production Manager Alessandro Belladelli.

Flexibility and quality is key
“With continuous investments and technological updates Mollificio Mantovano is a competitive supplier who does not compromise on the level of quality. They guarantee flexibility of production and are able to handle both small and large orders, which supports our deliveries to our HVAC OEM customers,” General Manager of Grundfos Corporate Purchase, Klavs Hornum, says.  

Besides competitive prices and good quality, Mollificio Mantovano has supported Grundfos by implementing stock hotels near our factories in Denmark, France and Serbia. They make day to day delivery possible, so we can adapt our purchase to production.

“Our stakeholders are very satisfied with Mollificio Mantovano in many important parameters and it is very impressive,” says General Manager of Grundfos Corporate Purchase, Klavs Hornum.