Lack of space is just a challenge in China

Until 2020 it is expected that 150 million Chinese will change their lives as country people to new ones as city people. Especially the largest cities, like for instance Shanghai and Beijing are expected to grow significantly.

This means an increased demand for water and it gives an enhanced need for removal of wastewater in the most efficient way possible. What it does not mean, on the other hand, is more room for installing the wastewater solutions. Grundfos has an answer to this – prefabricated pumping stations.

- It was a bit of a headache, Grundfos helped us shake off, as they presented us with the prefabricated pumping stations. It is a great solution for residential areas with huge water consumption and with little room, a representative for Heiqning Town Government in Shanghai says about the Grundfos-solution, which is going to help the 48.000 residents in the area getting rid of their waste water.

Perfect in a tight situation
The new part of town is situated right at the mouth of the Yangtze River and the location by the water is a concurrent factor since the space for construction is limited. For instance, by one of the pumping stations, only about one square meter was free to build on.

At the time of construction, the project was the first of its kind in China.

But in a country where the space in the big cities needs to be utilized to its fullest, the perspectives are great.

- This project turned out to be a door-opener for us, in which we have been able to present a solution with great potential for the Chinese market. This was just the beginning. At the moment we are working on extending the sewer network in the same part of the city and some of its neighbouring districts in Shanghai, Terry Zhang, a Grundfos Sales Engineer, explains.

Grundfos delivered three different pumping stations in total, complete with wastewater pumps and control systems.