Lifelink expands into India

One thing is bringing clean drinking water to the millions of people in India, who need it. Another thing is ensuring it is ready to drink. When those challenges are handled successfully, the work to ensure a sustainable business model, which assures the water systems stay in business, forms an additional hurdle. Now, Grundfos Lifelink enters the country and is ready to try to solve these issues with a combination of well-known, proven technology as well as new solutions.

Part of the arsenal are the new developments, AQtap and AQpure. They help bring affordable and clean water to urban and rural areas alike, and among other things come with a sustainable business model: the AQtap, an intelligent water dispenser, makes it possible to pay for the water via a so-called WaterCard. This ensures a transparent transaction for the consumers as well as efficient revenue collection for the water service provider. In combination with the AQpure, a modular water treatment unit, the water can be cleaned and ready for use fast.

“In India, reliable access to safe water is a huge challenge. This is the case in cities, semi-urban and rural areas alike. The Grundfos Lifelink water solutions with its use of solar power coupled with intelligent water management are important in meeting this challenge,” says Ranganath N.K., Managing Director of Grundfos India.

In the vast, Asian subcontinent alone, it is assessed that more than 97 million people lack access to safe drinking water. And here the versatile Lifelink solutions come in handy. For instance because they apply to large and small water schemes alike, and can be used in cooperation with both NGO’s and water utilities.

“This concept has proven successful in our activities across Asia and Africa, where they ensure a reliable access to safe water for thousands of people already. We look forward to partnering with government and private sectors in India, too,” says Peter Todbjerg Hansen, Managing Director of Grundfos Lifelink.

In India, one partner already is lined up, eKutir, a social enterprise engaged in providing solutions to the country’s low-income communities.