Master Dealer DBS Goes to Taiwan

Yes. This is proof that Grundfos care. not just looking for a profit, but also to build relationships is essential. And the appreciation realized with an award. And the award given by Grundfos to the Master Dealers was a trip to one of Grundfos factory in Taiwan.

The trip held from 18 November to 21 November 2014, followed by 7 Master Dealers achievers of Java, Bali and Kalimantan (Borneo) with a total of 10 participants. Besides visiting the factory, museums and the Taipei 101 tower, the participants also get an opportunity to see a CM Self Priming Pump, as the result of this activites customer were not only get a knowledge but the opportunity to set up business together.

"The program was quite good, workshop attendance became more attractive and we can interact directly with the participants and speakers, unlike the previous trip.  My advice, preferably, the length of time on a trip like this should be extended so we can get more workshops", said  Barry Wong, one of participant from Benteng Mas Perkasa – Jakarta.