Miniature-Grundfos will tour Saudi Arabia

When potential customers cannot get to Grundfos, Grundfos must come to them. This is the idea behind a project that has been named STAR CBS roadshow, and will bring a slice of the company to potential customers.
The project is going to remedy that Grundfos remains relatively unknown in many corners of the market and provide even more people with the opportunity to get acquainted with products and values ​​in a way that does Grundfos justice.
- This project is about getting out to all the customers who would not normally have the opportunity to visit Grundfos. We have tried to create a Grundfos world, so we can show clients who we are, what we stand for and what we can do. It is largely about creating relationships, explains Jakob Löchte, Regional Business Director.

Flexible concept
He acknowledges that similar initiatives have been seen before - for instance the Flow Thinking truck going on a trip some years ago.
- The big difference compared to earlier initiatives is that a container is much more flexible. It can be moved from one place to the next - not just with the truck but also by sea or air.
When the container is in place, the walls can be unfolded and automatic glass doors can be opened, so guests can be welcomed into an inviting, air-conditioned environment with the latest products and equipment for everything you need in a building.
Inside the container, sales people will demonstrate how products can drain building sites and provide clean water with water pressure, air conditioning, firefighting and wastewater disposal in a building, and how all devices can be monitored from a control room.

A close cooperation
STAR CBS Roadshow is the result of a close collaboration between STAR-region, CBS, Project Boomerang and the exhibition department. Rasmus Christian Andersen, Director, Strategic Projects, explains that it is part of a CBS STAR acceleration plan. It is one of the largest initiatives in the Boomerang project, which is going to bring the annual sales growth to 11 percent, which is the strategic goal of the Group.
- Now we are excited to follow and support the implementation of the project in Saudi Arabia, where an extended growth plan is to position Grundfos further in the market, he says.

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