New building opened in Argentina

Local authority representatives together with customers, employees and the local press were invited to the opening. More than 100 customers took the time to travel from distant parts of the country - very noteworthy in a country that covers
3 757 000 km2 - approximately 87 times the size of Denmark.

As an introduction to the inauguration, group manager Niels Due Jensen gave a speech. He expressed his satisfaction with the fact that Grundfos now has its own building - thus establishing roots in Argentina in earnest. He also thanked the employees for their efforts in connection with the introduction of Branding on the market.

When it was the turn of then managing director Javier Jimenas, he took the opportunity to formally announce that he would be moving to Grundfos in Brazil, and that his successor in Argentina is to be Omar Bulnes. All the customers showed their approval of this decision, as they already have a good relationship with Omar Bulnes, who until now has been financial manager for the Argentinean sales company.

Following the speeches, the customers were divided into groups and shown round the new building by employees, who pointed out every detail of the 579 m2 office, 990 m2 storage area and the 4 202 m2 green park surrounding the building. The training room, with modern equipment and space for 40 people, was a favourite with the guests.

The new building, 30 kilometres from Buenos Aires, covers over 1,500 m2.

The local mayor and the Danish ambassador assisted Niels Due Jensen with the cutting of the ribbon.