New Hilge product takes top spot

The readers of the German magazine Chemie Anlagen Verfahren (CAV) and its international sister magazine Chemical Plants & Processing (CPP) had little doubt, when the best of the best of 2013 were chosen. In competition with 12 other “best of the month” products and innovations, the new line of hygienic pumps from Grundfos Hilge, the GHP, finished on top along with two other products.


The single-stage pumps are built on the characteristics of the F&B-HYGIA, and are further optimised to offer reliable operation under the tough conditions in cleaning processes. For instance, they are able to handle liquids with high air content, which makes them usable in for instance CIP (Clean-in-Place) systems in the pharmaceutics business.


- We have added more to some of the best features of a great product, and have created something that is innovative as well as reliable. With the GHP line, we add to the palette and bring a product to the trade, which combines several strong traits and makes it usable in a wide range of businesses from dairies to food processing, says Stephan Göttsche, General Manager of GWP and GHI, Grundfos’ German production companies.