New RSI Inverter Launch

Grundfos Group conducted a series of road shows, one of them in the region APREG, after Australia, road show next took place in Indonesia, Grundfos Indonesia get this privilege because of his long experience in selling renewable products in several areas that are the main markets, such as; Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Nusa Tenggara.

Road show this time aim to introduce a new type of RSI "The intelligent off-grid Renewable Solar Inverter (RSI) designed to power the SP submersible pump as well as a broad range of Grundfos pumps, greatly expanding possibilities for solar energy water supply systems with low (or nearly no) operating costs ". The advantages of this product are:

- IP66 weatherproof for outdoor installation.

- Advanced software compensates for environmental effects.

- Quick set-up in workshops for plug-and-pump installation.

- AC/DC compatibl e: Switch between AC and DC power input .

Indonesia Road show divided into two agenda; Internal product training for sales team and service which took place from May 31st to June 1st, and dealer Launching on June 2nd.

For internal product training, two full days, sales and servicing teams received intensive training related to; product knowledge, application and installation, as well as trouble shooting. Teachers are the renewable experts from Grundfos Denmark, such as; January Heegaard (BD Manager, Global Groundwater), Geraldine Tsui Yee Lin (Global Product Manager), Jakob Normann Olesen (Global Product Specialist), and Grundfos APREG; Jens Ove Frederiksen (Regional Product Manager, Submersible), Jie Sheng (Regional Application Engineer). On this occasion,Grundfos Vietnam sales and servicing teams participated.

After two days of training, all participants felt more confident to sell more renewable products, in particular RSI for sales team, while service team felt ready to assist installation, complaints, and repair if found problems in the future from customers.

On June 2nd, the product launching for dealers held. 15 people consisting sales and services of five primary dealers that focus on selling renewable products present. Product knowledge, product advantageous, and after sales support informed as well. In addition to the theory, participants were given opportunity to try the product by themself. The event was closed after long question and answer session from participants to all experts, it is proved that this product is very attractive to be sold. We expect after all participants return to their region, they will immediately introduce and sell this RSI products to his customers.