New facilities opened in Korea

Essential product
According to Sales Development Director, Machining Industry, Ole Gerlich, pump solutions for unfiltered liquids are necessary for ensuring Grundfos will maintain leadership in the field.

“We needed a competitive product to be ready when the market would return after the 2009 crises ad consequently, we needed to work extraordinarily fast to develop and launch the pump. In the end the development work was placed with our Korean company Chungsuk. The project was approved in the beginning of 2010 and only around 14 month later the product was ready to be sold starting with Japan in May 2011, followed by China and the rest of Asia adding EU at the end of this year”, says Ole Gerlich, who is extremely satisfied with the efficient development work carried out by CSK and the cooperation with the colleagues in Denmark.

“The product was specified by an expert team and all main potential markets. Because the team was able to specify exactly what they wanted the Chungsuk development team could work very fast and efficient”, he says.

Important advantages 
Even though the innovative edge was cost and speed, the development team was also able to differentiate the MTA from the competition on major points: superior suction capability, a special sealing system to improve pump efficiency and special designed high efficiency motors surpassing even the highest requirements to energy savings.

According to Søren Ø. Sørensen, Group Executive Vice President and chairman of the board at Chungsuk Co., the new MTA pump is exactly what we need to play an important role on the “dirty side” of the machining tool production.

“With this project we have demonstrated the potential when combining the flexibility and competence in one of our smaller acquired companies with a dedicated team that knows the market demand and value chain. Such promising cooperation expresses a unique and innovative strength, he said.

Sales expectations 
The first few thousand pumps have already been sold and delivered, agreements have been made with some of the largest and most important machine tool OEMs and we firmly believe in reaching next year’s sales budget of 20,000 units”, Ole Gerlich concludes.


Facts about Chungsuk Co. Ltd. 
The company was founded in 1988 
Chairman: Søren Ø. Sørensen, Group Executive Vice President
General Manager: Richard Lee 
Number of staff: 80

Main customers:
Gas and boiler manufacturers
Manufacturers of dishwashers
Manufacturers of solar heating systems
Machine tool manufacturers