Norwegians close deal with innovative fire fighters

In the future, Grundfos will support the Norwegian company Prevent Systems in their efforts to supply the international markets with water mist systems for firefighting.

This is the case after the two companies has signed an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) agreement, which means that Grundfos will supply Prevent Systems’ solutions with residential booster sets equipped with CM or CR pumps.

The solution from Prevent Systems is quite unique, and makes it possible to extinguish fire using less water than when using conventional firefighting systems. The agreement with Grundfos pleases Erling Mengshoel, Managing Director of Prevent Systems:

- We see clear benefits in partnering up with a strong company with firefighting experience, such as Grundfos, he says.

And the feeling is mutual from Grundfos’ point of view, where the company sees great potential in the new partnership:

- Their technology is very interesting, and it goes well with our fire strategy, says Per Frydenberg, Nordic Area Managing Director at Grundfos.

In addition, he elaborates, the agreement with Prevent Systems will include the establishment of cooperation for Grundfos’ service organization, which should help Prevent Systems to grow.

·Prevent Systems is the leading provider of water mist systems in Norway and has the European markets as its primary target area.

·The company was established in 2007.