On the frontline against climate change in Taiwan

Environmentally friendly actions are high on the agenda in Taiwan. Water-conservation and reducing carbon emissions are on top of the list. To spur on development, several initiatives supporting and praising green initiatives have been launched these past years.

One of which is the Greenhouse Gas Emission and Reduction act, which has some striking environment ambitions, one of which is reducing carbon emission.

Taiwanese-based companies play an important part in realising the ambitions, and just recently, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) of Taiwan honoured top performers in Taipei, including Grundfos. Our Taiwanese production company received an inaugural ‘Carbon Reduction Action Award’ in recognition of its ability to follow through on environmentally friendly initiatives. On top of that, Grundfos was placed among only seven manufacturing companies receiving the Top Excellence Rank connected to the award.

“At Grundfos, we work with sustainable thinking. This is part of our DNA. We continuously seek out ways to improve our products performance, so they are as energy efficient as possible. At the same time, we also set high demands to our own ability to produce in an energy efficient way, so we ourselves can contribute to cutting carbon emission,” says John Pien, General Manager of Grundfos’ Taiwanese production subsidiary.

He attended the award ceremony, where he met some of Grundfos’ key customers, who were also among the carbon cutting companies of Taiwan.

“It is nice to know that some of our key partners are performing well in this respect too. We feel happy to be in business with the best, and we are happy that our energy efficient products can play a part in reducing carbon emission with our partners, too,” says John Pien and adds:

“Our customers also conveyed the same appreciation to me, which made me feel so honoured.”

In total 34 manufacturing companies were honoured with an award. Grundfos was the only international company among the best and brightest examples from Taiwan.