One million ALPHA2 pumps

However, there will be no time for resting on laurels: In the light of the present climate changes and the political initiatives in the European Union, Group President, Carsten Bjerg, is sure that Grundfos will soon be producing and selling more than one million ALPHA2 pumps a year.

The ALPHA2 pump, the first A-rated pump in the world, revolutionised the market for circulator pumps. With its plug-and-pump feature and the greenest profile on the market, the ALPHA2 pump is an obvious part of the solution to the climate problems. If all circulator pumps in the European Union were replaced by A-rated pumps, 35 billion kWh and 14m metric tons of CO2 could be saved.

It is common knowledge that the first million is the hardest to obtain. Although this saying usually applies to money, it may also be used for pumps. The ALPHA2 line was started in November 2007. Since then staff have built up a large amount of experience in operating the line as productivity increased steadily. The productivity will continue to increase as the European countries adapt to the EuP directive of minimum efficiency requirements, which imply that only A-rated circulator pumps are allowed to be sold in the EU starting from 2013.