PACO Complete Set Launch

Grundfos Indonesia, after the long and winding, on November 10 at the same time with the Heroes Day, successfully launched PACO Complete Set.

Long preparation yielded a good results. Nearly all dealers Pro Trade was present on the day of launch. In order to provide a different atmosphere, launch activities divided by 2 places; first at Grundfos office second floor official inauguration where the inauguration held, then at warehouse where product display showed along with a series of process demo of assembling, trimming, balancing, and coupling, then product testing as the final inspection.

At 09:00 am, event started, Jens Ove Frederiksen, the Sales Director tandem by Bintang Aritonang, CBS Sales Manager, simultaneously guided the launch. As usual, event opened by President Director of PT. Grundfos Pompa, Gert Borrits, followed by product presentation. After that, in turns a series presentation by each supporting departments conducted. Again, there is something different, before entering production and logistic presentation, a new PACO Complete Set film that is showing process; Starting from order received until delivery played. This film is also part of support from Grundfos to dealer in promoting this new product.

The event in Grundfos office second floor completed at 15.00, all of participants guided to warehouse, where there, they can see all of processes in assembling PACO Complete Set. Using visitor vest, then divided into several groups led by Grundfos managers, all participants headed to warehouse to visit several process booths prepared in turns. They were very enthusiastic, able to see some of the processes that have never seen before, such as; laser alignment process, trimming and balancing. After satisfied in seeing, touching, and playing with some supporting equipment, warehouse visit ended with a group photo.

Launching ended by dinner at Grand Ducking in Setiabudi Building. Before closing, Gert Borrits delivered strong message to all dealers that Grundfos will give full support in smoothing this new baby enter market. In return, they have to work hard to introduce and sell these product to market.