Pumps for life - campaign for sick Dutchmen

The heart's circulator pump as well as a Grundfos circulator pump are at the centre of a campaign launched by Grundfos Holland to support a charity institution for heart patients. "Pumps for life" is the slogan of the special charity programme which will also benefit four other charities.

Diabetics will benefit from a campaign for dosing pumps and a campaign benefiting patients with stomach, liver or intestinal problems focuses on AP sewage pumps. Remote controlled E pumps are connected with brain patients and fire fighting pumps are in focus in a campaign for patients with burns.

The marketing department of the Dutch company was inspired to develop the special campaign by the TQ process started by Grundfos Holland last year. Based on Grundfos' mission, vision and corporate values, the campaign is to demonstrate that Grundfos has a responsible attitude towards problems in society at large.