Rally with a purpose – Grundfos participates

Rally with a purpose. With this slogan, a Porsche 911, in the white colour of the UN and sporting the year 2015, will compete in the legendary East African Safari Rally from 1 to 10 December.
The purpose is to draw attention to the UN’s 2015 declaration, which essentially aims at eradicating poverty and ensuring sustainable development all over the world. 11 private companies, including Grundfos, have financed the car.

Eight areas
The UN’s 2015 goals are contained in its millennium declaration, formulated in the year 2000 by 189 of the world’s state leaders. The goals are specific and have a deadline. They pinpoint eight important areas that need to be addressed if we are to ensure dignified and sustainable development for the world’s population. The goals must be achieved by 2015, but if we continue at the current pace, it will take 110 years.

The East African Safari Rally is a suitable framework for the planned activities with the 2015 car, as the rally itself has a humanitarian aim, and the organisers donate part of the profits to local humanitarian projects every year. Increased awareness
An additional effort is therefore required, and that is why the white Porsche 911 in the course of the 8 stages of the rally will draw attention to the 2015 goals by means of various activities, and in that way attempt to increase Danish awareness of the goals.

The activities and other related information will be published on the web site:



Grundfos and why we participate in the project Rally for a cause:
· to support UN initiatives as signatory to UN Global Compact
· to show adherence to our key values BE, THINK, INNOVATE
· to support the UN’s 2015 goals, including the goal to eradicate poverty
· to draw attention to Africa as an area where help is needed
· to draw the attention of all Grundfos staff to the UN millennium goals
· to show in words and deeds that Grundfos is intent on developing its values on an ongoing basis

The UN’s 2015 goals are to:
· eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
· achieve universal primary education
· promote gender equality and women’s rights
· reduce child mortality
· reduce the maternal mortality ratio
· combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
· ensure environmental stability
· develop a global partnership for development.

About the East African Safari Rally
The East African Safari Rally 1-10 December 2005 is one of the world’s largest vintage car rallies. The rally was held for the first time in 1953 as a tribute to Queen Elisabeth II in connection with her coronation in June 1953. These days it is held every other year.

The 2005 version of the EASR covers 4,504 km and consists of 31 stages, the longest of which is 113 km. The shortest stage of 9.9 km runs through the centre of Nairobi, Kenya, where up to 2 million spectators are expected to line the streets.

Starting on 1 December 2005, “the world’s largest vintage car rally” will take the cars through three East African countries just like the first rally in 1953. The rally starts in Kenya and continues into Uganda and Tanzania before finishing in Kenya on 10 December. The EASR is restricted to cars built before 1971.