Reduced CO2 emission through new partnership

The process of saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions is far too slow. It is time to act – now. This is why international politicians, companies, NGOs and experts met in Copenhagen as part of the Act NOW movement. Act NOW is a new partnership aiming to enhance the knowledge of simple and environmentally friendly products that not only reduce the CO2-emission but also ensure profit due to lower energy consumption.

Among the speakers at the Act NOW was the European Commissioner of climate and energy, Connie Hedegaard. Other speakers included Director of DONG Energy, Anders Eldrup, and Chairman of Concito, a green think tank, Martin Lidegaard.

Time for action - now
The sustainable solutions exist – the problem is that public as well as private decision makers don’t do enough when it comes to installing the right solutions. It is not because they don’t want to or because it is too expensive, but because they don’t know the actual solutions of state-of-the-art energy solutions. Action still takes place based on conventional thinking and so too many technical solutions are implemented without meeting the potential of energy and CO2 reduction.

- It may be the biggest paradox of our generation. We do have the technologies and yet we don’t manage to progress. However, it also shows the huge potential in cross-organisational co-operation to promote the decisions necessary. Act NOW is a necessary initiative, said Martin Lidegaard, Concito.

The products are there today
The organisations behind Act NOW include Grundfos, Copenhagen Municipality, Concito and the Climate Consortium, all wishing to speed up the use of products with low energy consumption. They already exist and they are very easily installed, often as very simple plug-and-play solutions. This includes a large number of modern and energy friendly instruments and equipment for buildings, production facilities and mains systems.

- The efforts to deal with climate changes must not be left to politicians alone. Climate changes affect all of us and the effort requires united action - a strong partnership speeding up the use of products with low energy consumption. Act NOW collects the partners and presents good examples of how we – here and now – may promote climate efforts in unison for the benefit of a sustainable development and economic growth, said Henning Sandager,
Group Senior Vice President at Grundfos.

- The need of new green growth and thousands of new green jobs complies with the obvious need of reducing CO2 emissions. The solutions are already there. The partnership of Act NOW is an excellent tool for communicating the quest of doing something now, said Finn Mortensen, director of the Climate Consortium.