Rosslyn Chapel begins a new chapter

Not surprisingly after close to 600 years service, the building has recently undergone major conservation work to refurbish and upgrade the infrastructure as well as to add a visitor’s centre, to cope with the annual 70,000 visitor numbers.

An important element of this work has been to stabilise the internal temperature and to provide the back-up services that are now key to such an important landmark. To achieve this Grundfos Pumps Ltd worked with contractors PS Scotland from Glasgow to offer a turnkey solution that included a range of Grundfos energy efficient pumps including ALPHA2 and MAGNA circulators, TPE centrifugal pumps, a Hydro Multi-E booster set, an IMpress pressurisation set as well as various ancillary items.

The £13m project is now coming to an end and soon the building will once again be fully open to visitors who will be able to see the chapel restored to its former glory. The site has long been the subject of speculation regarding a connection between it and the Knights Templar and the Holy Grail. Wherever the truth lies, the chapel is about to embark on the latest chapter of its history which will now deliver this ancient structure, complete with 21st century comfort levels, to the next generation of visitors.