Royal opening of Russian factory

Great festivities accompanied the Queen when, as part of her state visit in Russia, she visited Grundfos’ Istra facilities. She opened the newest expansion of the factory and on that occasion she met some of staff during a tour of production.
Business Development Manager, Sergey Kelyp, said that everybody had been looking forward to the Queen’s visit.
- What is most important to show the Queen is not things but people. I am sure she will note that, whether working in the sales or production company, staff are happy to work here and proud of being part of Grundfos, he said.

Stronger co-operation
The inauguration of the new building at the Istra factory marks a merging of Grundfos’ activities in Russia. Whereas the sales company was previously located at the centre of Moscow, all activities are now located close to Istra, 60 kilometres North West of the Russian capital.
- We are moving closer and production has now become even closer to the market, and the sales company will obtain competitive advantages and increase loyalties among the customers, said General Manager of the production company, Ms Galina Biryukova.

Focus on Danish business
The Queen’s visit at Grundfos Russia is part of a big Danish business campaign aiming to strengthen Danish business in the attractive market. This is the first time since 1975 that a Danish regent is on a state visit in Russia. The state visit focuses on increasing the attention on the need for Russians to invest in high quality and energy efficiency.


  • The building was extended and in addition a new storey was added to the building.
  • The building is now 4,600 sq metres.
  • This is more than double the original size.
  • Along the back wall a four-metre waterfall falls from the roof above the second floor down to the floor on the ground floor.