Samsung C&T and Grundfos signing green cooperation agreement

The agreement means that both companies will extend the use of already existing technologies and, at the same time, initiate the development of new, sustainable and innovative solutions for modern building work.

- In both companies we have a long tradition of being innovative each within our fields. We want to strengthen this through common research and knowledge sharing to ensure we shall see completely new green solutions for modern building contributing to meeting the future environmental and energy challenges, said Carsten Bjerg, Grundfos Group President.

The agreement will be in force for three years and it has great global perspectives for both Samsung C&T and Grundfos.
- Both Denmark and South Korea are countries for which a green agenda is essential. But with the agreement we are aiming even further, expecting that in the future we shall be able to offer completely new solutions on the global market. So, even if the agreement says nothing about Danish kroner or Korean WON, I expect economy will be reflected in both the top and the bottom line, said Mr Bjerg.

The signing of the agreement took place in close connection with the Global Green Growth Forum, recently held in Copenhagen with participants from more than 200 public and private leaders. The main theme was how the public and private sector in cooperation may promote green growth in the future.