Scan a pump to find the right replacement

When an installer is called to a house without heating, it is all about finding the right solution as fast as possible. Preferably, the problem is being solved on the spot which also minimizes the risk of subsequent complaints related to the amount of time spent on solving the problem and thus high charges. With the recently developed GO Replace app installed, installers can now provide the support needed on the spot via their smartphone.

“The app can be used even though the pump is installed in a dark basement or if it is hidden in a place where you cannot see it properly. The installer just needs to hold the smartphone near the pump’s nameplate and take a photo of it. The product number of the pump is then automatically identified which enables the installer to immediately determine, if the current pump is replaceable with an ALPHA 1 L pump,” explains Dorte Kjeldbjerg Lund, Global Product Manager.

In most cases, the solution is to replace the defective pump with an ALPHA 1 L pump. Therefore, installers are likely to have brought some with them in reserve. If not, the pump can be obtained from the nearest wholesaler. The customer thereby avoids paying more than strictly necessary to have the heat turned back on and can, at the same time, be pleased with a bill that will pay itself over time because of lower energy expenditures.

“The expected energy saving is automatically calculated via the app, which among other things is able to find local electricity prices,” explains Dorte Kjeldbjerg Lund.

Available in 11 countries
The new app will also benefit Grundfos. When it is put into service, the installer permits Grundfos to save the photos of the pumps to learn which pumps the new ALPHA 1 L pump replaces and what kinds of installations they are part of.

For the time being, the GO Replace app covers ALPHA 1 L, which can replace a number of circulation pumps as the new standard pump in the ALPHA series. The new pump is aimed at the European market and meets the energy consumption requirements of the EU.

The intention is that the app will cover all ALPHA pumps eventually and be able to identify if competitors’ pumps are replaceable with a Grundfos pump. For the time being, GO Replace can be downloaded in 11 countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary.