Scarce resources require optimum utilisation

A large number of the major players within global policy and business life will meet in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in the near future to put sustainability on the agenda. The Danish pump manufacturer Grundfos is among the participants too.

Our presence in the South American country is based on the opportunity to offer our opinion on green solutions and ambitions, to show our products to the rest of the world and to make important contact with other players in this area.

- It is in our DNA to have an opinion on sustainable development. Our company has taken an interest in this question for a long time. It goes without saying that we may also take the opportunity to draw attention to our solutions and try to conclude a number of collaboration agreements, says Group Vice President Kim Nøhr Skibsted.

Safe, clean water to be spread
Grundfos is represented by the Grundfos LIFELINK company, among others, which offers safe and sustainable water supply to the World’s almost 1 billion poor people. The summit will be used to disseminate knowledge about solutions, meet important contacts and gather knowledge about the direction that the policy regarding environmental technology is taking.

- The days leading up to the political conference will see a number of sustainability events. Here, Grundfos LIFELINK will be present, as our solutions can form the basis for a healthy development for the poorest people in the world, says Peter Todbjerg Hansen, General Manager of Grundfos LIFELINK.

Every little helps
More than 40,000 people are expected to participate in the Rio+20 summit. Grundfos will send around a handful. On the face of it, the Grundfos people will be working under difficult conditions trying to influence the agenda at the conference.

- We do not imagine that the Rio de Janeiro summit will depend on us in order to be a success. Yet, we are certain that we have an important contribution to make in relation to the agenda – and that we have the required technological knowledge to make it come true, Kim Nøhr Skibsted says.

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