Selling pumps in the US is a matter of trust

An old pump has stopped working on a property just southwest of Fort Worth, Texas. For almost 20 years, the submersible pump has delivered the essential daily ground water to a family. They live outside the bounds of the nearby village Stephenville and they rely totally on their own well.

Within a few hours, a replacement SQ pump from Grundfos is ready to be installed. Associated Well Services from Stephenville delivers it. The successful company has been operating locally for more than 40 years – drilling wells and installing pumps for households and farms. Since 1989, the company has been selling pumps from Grundfos. Today, the owner wouldn’t recommend anything else.

“The homeowner only wanted a new Grundfos pump. He has several already and is a loyal customer to us,” says Colton Aardal, President of Associated Well Services, and adds:

“Even though we work in a tough and very competitive area, we hardly have to do a lot of talk to get the sale. And I wouldn’t dream of selling anything else than Grundfos,” he says.

A challenging year

Colton Aardal just recently took over the family business, which his father, Gary Aardal, started back in 1975. During the last year, the company has faced not only the consequences of a stressed economy and a massive downturn in the oilfield, but also the effects of a very rainy year.

”We have had more than 25 per cent more rain than average. Drylands have turned into wetlands, and we have had difficulties in getting access to properties without destroying the surface. So business has not been as good as expected,” explains Colton Aardal.

A strong connection

As a contractor, he is very closely connected to his wholesaler, Preferred Pump. He gets all his pumps, pipes and fittings from them. They are by far the biggest player in the USA, when it comes to solutions for groundwater and irrigation. With 50 local branches, they serve nationwide and are in direct touch with thousands of local contractors.

“When I look at the result of last year it has been a mixed bag. We had problems down south related to the massive drop in oil prices. Everything down here’s tied together by oil. The growth engine was in the far west, especially California did well. Primarily because of the severe drought, the demand for groundwater pumps grew significantly,” says Randy Lyne, President and founder of Preferred Pump.

Sharing future growth

Randy Lyne started the business in 1982 and has over the years developed a unique company with an amazing growth and a very loyal customer base. His secret to success is simple and clear:

“You have to be a trustworthy partner and build on long term relationships. You have to grow together and share your successes. That is my personal style and that is what I also see in Grundfos. That makes us a perfect match for future growth,” states Randy Lyne.

Preferred Pump and Grundfos have a common interest in growing the business and expanding into new locations and perhaps new business areas. In order to pursue this, the two companies have entered an even closer business relationship.

“Grundfos is known for unique products, for innovating the whole industry and for setting the standard. That we can use when we go to market as partners. We have something unique to sell together,” concludes Randy Lyne.