Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit to Grundfos boss

The ‘Order of Industrial Service Merit’ is conferred on those who made a remarkable contribution to the nation’s industrial development. It is classified into 5 ranks; ‘Gold Tower’, ‘Silver Tower’, ‘Bronze Tower’,’Iron Tower’, and ‘Tin Tower’, according to the value of merit, and Mr. Lee was awarded with the 'Silver Tower’, which is the top award in this year (last year's top award was 'Bronze Tower'). But also this is the top and first award in the history of pump industry in Korea.

Kang Ho Lee said: "As this award is the most honourable prize that enterprisers engaging in Korea can ever receive, it means a lot not only to myself but to GPK as well."

On 12 November the "2009 Energy Conservation Award" ceremony was held in Seoul.

The major achievements that were acknowledged are;

1. Widespread of high efficiency pump and pump system, thereby changing the overall paradigm of Korean pump industry where cheap & low efficiency pumps used to prevail.

2. Enlightenment of Korean engineers' thought on the importance of using high efficiency pumps through Grundfos Pump Academy Korea & Pump audit.

3. Transfer of advanced pump technology and dedication for the FDI on 2 Korean pump companies, CSK & KJI.

Mr. Lee is sure that winning this award is going to significantly and positively affect GPK to be recognised as the leading pump manufacturer in this green age with the most responsible, future-oriented & innovative solution.