Solar powered pumping systems are key to food security

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) is on a mission to provide solar powered pumping systems to farmers around the world. During ISA Forum in Abu Dhabi earlier this week, Grundfos participated in the panel discussion on ‘Demand aggregation for food security through solar water pumping systems in agriculture’. The session was moderated by Kim Jensen, Regional Director, Grundfos Asia Pacific Region.

Making systems available
The solar revolution is here, and this was very evident by the participation of many Governments at this Forum. It also confirmed their ambitions in solar as a key power source. The adoption of PV is exploding due to a 70 percent reduction in the price per watt.

Many speakers spoke of solar as the cheapest source of energy, given the kW price of the latest large scale commercial solar powerplants is now less the 5 US cents per kW.

Another key area of focus at this Forum was how solar powered pumping systems are key to food security. The ISA is instrumental in making solar pumping systems affordable, available and bankable through demand aggregation. ISA aggregates the demand of many member states and tender these demands. The alliance also focuses on standardizing tender documents and regulatory frameworks to ensure more predictable cashflows allowing the large lenders to finance the projects.

A welcome surge
During the session, Kim Jensen touched on the importance of focussing on the water-food-energy nexus, which might be the effective approach to sustainable development.

The complex relationship between these critical domains requires an integrated approach to ensuring water and food security, and sustainable agriculture and energy production worldwide. Solar irrigation pumps have emerged as a promising technology to expand irrigation access and are being deployed rapidly across several developing countries.

“Grundfos certainly welcomes the surge in solar pumping. Being pioneers in solar pumping we understand the technology and the benefits to society. It was great to be part of this Forum and contribute towards something that will make a difference to millions of people. Sustainability is a core value for Grundfos and working with ISA on solar pumping is right down our alley”, said Kim Jensen.

About International Solar
Alliance (ISA): It is a coalition of solar resource rich countries to address their special energy needs and provides a platform to collaborate on addressing the identified gaps through a common and agreed approach. To know more about ISA, visit their website: