Sponsorship attracts attention

As an international sponsor of DBF (the Danish Badminton Association) it is important for Grundfos to show its colours when the worlds top players participate in tournaments all over the world.
China Masters, recently held, was no exception. The local Grundfos company managed to use the sponsorship for the benefit of customers as well as staff.

World class
On the occasion the company had invited key customers to come to technical talks, in addition to which they were invited to see world-class badminton and got a chance to meet face to face with Danish world stars like Kenneth Jonnasen and Peter Gade.

Clear connection
Speed and concentration are all necessary for success in badminton. The same can also be said about the pump business. If you’re too slow, or your serve is too weak, your competition can run away with the point – and eventually the match.
And this is where there is a clear connection and cooperation between Grundfos and bad­minton. The sport and Grundfos share core values as well as practical interest: We have a global reach. Together badminton and Grundfos have a strong basis for action.

Grundfos is present in 2006 in TV, in advertisements on the boards for the courts, logos on players’ shirts etc.

International Grand Prix tournaments

All England, England, January

China Masters, China, March

Asian Championships, Malaysia, 28 March to 2 April

Singapore Open, Singapore, 6 to 11 June

Malaysia Open, Malaysia, 13 to 18 June

Denmark Open, Denmark, 1 to 5 November

China Open, China, 14 to 19 November

Copenhagen Masters, Denmark, 27 to 29 November

Other tournaments

Thomas Über Cup (World Championship for teams), Japan, 28 April to 7 May

World Cup individual, Madrid, Spain, 18 to 24 September