Stability and common sense send Grundfos to South Africa

Grundfos’ broad experience in water supply solutions was decisive when suppliers of pump solutions for this summer’s football World Cup was chosen. Of course, Grundfos is able to supply stable quality pumps that can ensure the water flow to the stadium facilities, but Grundfos takes it one step further.

In Africa water deficiency is part of life, and that is to be considered in connection with the supply for this summer’s World Cup. Therefore Grundfos has also supplied a number of water recycling systems and waste water treatment systems.

Keeps the World Cup grass green
Grundfos is especially involved in three of the South African stadiums, in Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth. Here Grundfos’ pump solutions will contribute to ensuring that this summer’s event will run smoothly – for audience, players and viewers.

There is hardly any doubt that a large part of the world’s population will stare at a little white leather ball rolling on green South African lawns. Grundfos contributes to supplying the water that keeps the lawns presentable.