Success in Germany results in nomination for business award

It was Grundfos’ founder Poul Due Jensen who laid the cornerstone for the German adventure, as he, in 1960, established the first company outside Denmark. The visionary decision has meant great success for Grundfos on the German market since then, and has been of major importance to the business.
- Without the success on the German market, Grundfos would not be the global market leader that we are today. If you can handle the competition in Germany, you can make it most places, Group Executive Vice President, Søren Ø. Sørensen states and continues:
- First of all, Germany is the greatest and most important single market to the group. Furthermore, it’s a very demanding market with traditions for high standards in industry and construction with quality and innovation in focus.
Grundfos has been able to measure up to these demands, and with solid customer relations with some major German companies, Grundfos is in a strong position.
- In light of our close relation with the German market over more than 50 years, it’s a great honour to be among the finalists for receiving Danish-German Business Award 2012, he says.

Close partnership
The close ties to our German neighbours was latest reflected as both parts of development and finally production of the new, award-winning circulator, MAGNA3, was placed in Wahlstedt. Development and installation of the new production line happened in close collaboration with the Danish production company, which established production of the new ALPHA2 pump simultaneously. According to Søren Ø. Sørensen this is just one of many examples how the tight relationship has created results.
- The German tradition of setting new standards combined with high quality demands, simply suits our way of doing business perfectly, he says and adds;
- Besides this, the presence in Germany has had a crucial significance to, firstly, our access to Eastern Europe and now for the substantial success we have experienced in the region – especially in Russia during the latest years.
Aside from Grundfos, Henning Larsen Architects and H. P. Therkelsen are also nominated for the award, which will be granted during a gala dinner for the Chamber of Commerce’s partners Friday 9 November 2012 at Copenhagen Mariott Hotel.
The winner is found through an online voting on the Chamber of Commerce’s homepage.

Watch the film that the Danish-German Chamber of Commerce has made ​​about Grundfos in connection with the nomination for the Danish-German Business Award 2012.