Sustainable pump innovation wins prize

It has been developed to set the trend within energy efficiency, and it has its basis on a great piece of research and developmental work; the upgrade of the Grundfos-success MAGNA3. Because of that, it is a great joy for Group Vice President Lars R. Enevoldsen to note that yet another prestigious award has been given to the product, the Sustainability Award at ‘Ingeniørens Produktpris’.

- It is recognition of us succeeding with our strategy concerning development of energy efficient products. We are proud of being chosen among many strong candidates, he says, referring to the 62 products which were in consideration to the nine awards given out this year.

Thoroughly tested concept with ground-breaking innovation
In ‘Ingeniørens’ review of the MAGNA3 the products wireless interface, Grundfos GO, was brought forward. It gives the user the possibility of controlling the pump via for instance a smartphone or an iPad. It is a unique system, providing a user friendly approach to very advanced technology.

- For years we have been working on developing and producing some of the most energy efficient pumps in existence. With the further development of the MAGNA3, we have reached a new, higher level. It is a very advanced product, and we found it natural to include mobile technology to create an interface, making it easier to get the most out of the product’s energy efficient characteristics.

Recognition of a goal-oriented effort
The Sustainability Award at ‘Ingeniørens Produktpris’ is the fourth award, MAGNA3 has won, since being launched this August.

In addition, the pump has won the Danish Design Award and two product prizes in Germany. Lars R. Enevoldsen is happy that the product has won broad recognition for its sustainable-, technological- and design-attributes.

- I am surprised that it has all happened that fast, but I am not surprised that MAGNA3 is a success. A lot of people have worked very hard to create the very best product. That is why it is such a huge satisfaction that it is being so well-received – in the engineering business as well as in the market, where we know it is in high demand, he says.