Sustainable steps are out in the open

One of the beaming cases from the report comes from the positive difference, our products make. From 2005 until 2014, our total sales of energy efficient circulator pumps in the EU implies electricity savings close to 3.5 billion kWh. And this is just one of the examples of how Grundfos makes a positive and sustainable difference to the society that surrounds us.

The report also reveals that we ourselves are benefitting from our ambitions, while contributing to sustainable development. During 2014 we have reduced our energy consumption by 3 percent and our water footprint by 6 percent compared to 2013.

The whopping reductions in electricity consumption and a much lighter water footprint are not the only things on the plate. An all new human rights policy has also been added among the eye catchers of the newly released Sustainability Report.

“Sustainability goes beyond our environmental impact. We strive to have an attractive and safe workplace, where employees thrive. Therefore, we are proud that injuries in the workplace have been strikingly reduced. Equally important, 2014 marked the year where we launched our human rights policy, which outlines what this mean in a Grundfos context and what we expect from stakeholders and business partners,” says Pernille Blach Hansen, Group Vice President, Quality and Sustainability.

The report builds on our six focus areas: sustainable product solutions, people competences, environmental footprint, workplace, community and responsible business conduct. It is part of our long-lasting cooperation with the UN to promote sustainability and functions as our way of reporting our progress.