Talented students challenged by Grundfos

There is no mistaking the importance of being at the front when the fight for the brightest minds are set in. This is why, for the sixth time, we are inviting to Grundfos Challenge, at which 45 university students from 15 countries will compete for victory from 10 to 15 April. The background of Challenge is Grundfos' wish of offering the students more thorough knowledge of the company and its history. Marjanne Grønhøj, Head of the Advisory Board, which is arranging the Grundfos Challenge, says:
- A prerequisite for our future growth is our ability to attract the most competent staff and this is why Grundfos Challenge is extremely important.

Participants are employed
Since the start, more than 20 participants have eventually been employed or worked as trainees or in rotation systems, which, according to Ms Grønhøj, is an excellent example of the importance of Grundfos Challenge.
- They get unique insight in our culture and values, and this is part of their motivation for being interested in Grundfos. On the other hand, we gain something from it, because the ideas presented by the students are an inspiration for us, says Ms Grønhøj.

Award for the winners
The students work on a case in which they get the opportunity to spar with a panel of external and internal executive. The participants are students of economy and engineering respectively, each group competing for 9,900 Euro (75,000 DKK). In addition a prize of 1,987 Euro (15,000 DKK) is awarded to the team that comes up with the most innovative solution.
Each team is made up of three students selected by their respective universities.