The ALPHA2 is number one in 2014

The best product in the categories High Quality, Functionality and Ecology. As well as the title ‘Best product of the year 2014’ in the building services product group. The ALPHA2 from Grundfos made its presence clear at the Plus X Awards in Germany, where awards are given for new and innovative technologies, extraordinary design and intelligent, easy to use operating systems.

- It’s a huge recognition of our efforts in creating and introducing a product, which raises the bar in our business, says Frank Wiehmeier, Sales Director, DBS, at Grundfos Germany.

- The fact that we are given the seal of approval in such prestigious categories is simply cherries on top of the cake. We know that our customers appreciate the pumps’ attributes in terms of quality, efficiency and usability, and with the recognition from the Plus X Awards, we can add more momentum to this, he adds.

Among the features highlighted is the pumps’ high level of efficiency, which surpasses current as well as future European legislation for energy efficiency, as well as the autoadapt technology. This makes it possible for the pump to automatically gather information about consumption, which enables it to adjust itself to the optimum running conditions.

The Plus X Awards is handed out in seven different categories by an independent panel of judges from 25 industries. It is the eleventh time, the Plus X Awards have been handed out.