The best water stories of the year

Group Sustainability’s Functional Manager, Karen Touborg, presented the 2014 edition of ‘Grundfos Thinks Water Wise’ at Grundfos' Global Leadership Conference in Billund, Denmark.
She explains that the publication has two purposes; to communicate about our water activities and reporting to UN’s CEO Water Mandate, which we have committed to.

"We have so many good cases to share, so we have chosen this format to put a stronger focus on our water activities rather than the reporting format. Thus, we have broadened the scope of the target group and the publication applies to more people in different contexts," says Karen Touborg.

One step at the time
Group President Mads Nipper has written the publication’s introduction in which he states that even though 2014 has been a challenging year, it is crucial to keep focusing on the global water challenge:

"Being a world leader in energy efficient pump solutions means that we also have a responsibility for providing knowledge and insight to local and international governmental institutions as well as private organisations. We do this through actively advocating water sustainability to governmental and non-governmental institutions. One step at the time, we take action to make the world better," says Mads Nipper.

Read the publication as iPaper and download it as PDF here: