The Joint Heating Plant wins heat pump award

Heat Pump City of the year 2014. Now, Viborg Municipality can adorn itself with that title the coming year. The project, which lies at the root of the award, is The Joint Heating Plant, which is situated at Jørgens Allé in Bjerringbro. The principal architects behind the heating plant are Grundfos and Bjerringbro District Heating. Plant supervisor, Charles Hansen from Bjerringbro District Heating had a feeling that the project had a good chance of coming out victoriously.

- In addition to the technical solution itself, the project is quite unique because we have designed a model, which benefits Grundfos, the district heating plant and not least the consumers alike, he says.

The plant is among the largest in Europe, and one of only a few which has been built on the basis of a collaboration between a private company and a heating supply company. The solution utilises that Grundfos needs cooling for their machines, while the district heating plant receives heat supply from the refrigerating machines to send out for the benefit of the citizens in Bjerringbro who save money. In fact, it is possible to cover 15 per cent of the heat demand in Bjerringbro city via the heating plant.

International attention
Senior Project Manager Klaus E. Christensen from Grundfos has been part of the project all the way from idea to realisation and he is pleased that the plant receives international attention.

- It is great that so much interest and attention has been given to our setup and the fact that a private company and a district heating company enter into a very close collaboration is something that opens people’s eyes, he says and explains that a plant like this can be created anywhere, if there is a need for cooling machines and utilising the heat.

Klaus E. Christensen, Charles Hansen and a representative from Viborg Municipality are going to Berlin to be honoured.

It is the European Heat Pump Association who is behind the election and the celebration itself takes place 19 May at a banquet in Berlin, which is held in connection with European Heat Pump Forum.

It is the fourth time that European Heat Pump Association grants the award.