The sea is brought alive in Moscow

Loud cheers echo from the glass walls of the underwater tunnel, as a shoal of colourful fish passes above the spectators in the Moskvarium. For a moment, the Muscovites get a glimpse of life on the bottom of the sea in their own backyard, so to speak. The oceanography centre filled its tanks with fresh and salt water in 2015, and more than 7,000 sea animals live here. Also, it is a leading marine biology centre, focusing on unique experiences as well as facilitating learning for its many visitors. At the 53,000 square metres of aquatic excellence, nothing is left to chance, including the pumps and systems, which make sure that the right measure of the right type of water is present at all times and in all tanks.

“The need for top performance and reliability was decisive, when choosing Grundfos pumps and solutions for the Moskvarium. An incorrect choice could result in not just a shutdown, but it could be a life hazard for the marine animals in the Moskvarium, of which many are very sensitive,” explains Mikhail Orlov of Hydrolance.

The company is an engineering supply specialist, who handled hydraulic equipment for the Russian landmark.

Passing scrutiny
Therefore, nothing was left to chance, when the Grundfos pumps and solutions specified for the Moskvarium were prepped for the job:

“Grundfos understood the customer’s need for absolute certainty, and ran a number of inspections, which the equipment passed prior to the shipment. This gives us a confidence boost, when supplying pumps and solutions to the Moskvarium,” says Mikhail Orlov.

The Grundfos pumps are used in the water supply, heating and sewage systems of the Moskvarium, which in total holds 80 different aquariums with animals from all corners of the world under water. During the entire construction process of the exceptional aquarium, Hydrolance and Grundfos cooperated closely:

“Our coordination with Grundfos took place at each stage of the project, starting with the initial bidding. With the assistance of Grundfos we were able to offer the best and fastest production and delivery of pumps and hydraulic solutions,” continues Mikhail Orlov.

Happy and hidden
A relatively short drive away from the Moskvarium’s massive tanks and colourful fish and sea animals lies Grundfos’ Russian headquarters in the Istra region of Moscow. Here there is a silent joy about the fact that the company’s pumps, solutions and know-how has played a part in bringing the wonders of the ocean to the heartland of Russia, even though the majority of the many guests visiting, will never know that they are there.

“We are very happy to play a part in bringing life to this Moscow landmark. It is great that we can contribute in creating an iconic venue, which can benefit the inhabitants of our home city as well as draw tourists here, showing a side of our world, which is normally hidden. We are also proud that our pumps and solutions play a key role in the system to secure the well-being of the sea animals,” says Victor Dementiev, Area Managing Director for Grundfos in Russia and Belarus.