The sea runs high in the swimming baths

However, at the Sports High School in Viborg, Technical Service Manager, Claus Andersen has made it possible to practice kayak paddling in turbulent water under safe conditions.

Help from Grundfos
– The installation is in one end of the swimming pool where water is sucked in through two grates after which it is pumped back into the pool through a variable jet placed a little below the surface, explained Mr Andersen.

The pump is a standard pump from Grundfos aimed at use in swimming baths. It yields some 350 cubic metres an hour when running at full speed. The pump is connected to a frequency converter allowing it to be controlled manually and so the person controlling it can decide how wildly the water is to flow.

Unique solution
The installation is based on well-known components but it was some challenge to dimension it correctly.

- A number of factors had to be considered: for instance, how much water is required to obtain the desired effect, and is the geometry of the pool suitable for so high waves, said Mr Andersen.

The installation is probably one of a kind in the world. In future the Sports High School is planning to build outdoor kayak facilities like those used at Olympic Games.