The world in transition to sustainability

There is only a few weeks left until COP15. The transformation undergone by the United States is critical in shifting the world to a sustainable path. The message from USA is crucial for what can be expected from China. The USA's main message from the WBCSD meeting is to see COP15 as a milestone more than a result in itself. We should not expect the outcome to be too detailed.

Grundfos is truly committed to the climate agenda, proven by our historical concern for the environment in the way we do business, our energy saving products, our voice in the public debate, Future Now campaign, innumerous energy saving initiatives in our companies, etc. The recent launch of our ambitious global climate strategy is a milestone for how Grundfos can contribute to the saving of our planet.

However, we need to be aware that the world is facing a complex set of interlinked global challenges. Water constraints or water stress is clearly an increasingly important subject on the global agenda. The point is that water has crucial links to energy, climate, urbanisation, food and development issues.

Grundfos and water are inseparable. Maybe Grundfos should be even more outspoken and aware of our water footprint in order to meet future market demands and ensure our license to operate in locations where water scarcity is already a severe constraint.

The WBCSD has developed the widely recognised Global Water Tool for measuring our water footprint. The tool is a significant step in addressing world water issues. Grundfos has always been a front runner when it comes to sustainability. Let us continue to prove our leading position!

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