Thinking Building Seminar

What is Thinking Building Seminar? Well, Thinking Building Seminar is a tools that Grundfos CBS team provided in the form of seminar for the owners and consultants to discuss more about Grundfos product review. So, with this opportunity, Grundfos want to build a new paradigm to the owners and consultant that “think building = think Grundfos”. And now, in 2015, the CBS team was introduced their new released product, Asean Booster.

The first city to be visited by the CBS Team was Surabaya. Yes, one of the top Industry City in Indonesia was become the CBS team first selection. This seminar was held at Java Paragon Hotel and in this seminar, the CBS team managed to get 75 participants. They are consultants, contractors and owners such as PT. Brantas Abiparaya, Cipta Prima Engineering, PU Cipta Karya, Wijaya Karya Building, Intiland and many more.

This time, Mr. Bintang and Mr. Seprizal was the speaker represented Grundfos CBS. Besides Asean Booster, they also presenting about Fire System, HVAC Distributed System, Pressure Boosting and Grundfos Updates.

That was Surabaya. Now let’s see Jogjakarta. Thinking Building Seminar was held at Tentrem Hotel but this time the team held the seminar with less capacity. Only 35 people. They are PT. Wijaya Karya Jogjakarta, PT. Adhi Karya, Wasnadipta, PT. Indomeco Primatama, UGM, Buana Cakra and many more. The speakers in Jogjakarta was changed. There are Mr. Primus Yeremias, Mrs. Indri Pratiwi, Mr. Seprizal and Mr. Supriyadi.

And now, Horas! We jump to Medan. This city was the third city for Thinking Building Seminar. The different is we named it Thinking Building Mini Seminar. Why? Because the participants only for 15 people! Located at Santika Hotel medan, this mini seminar hosted by the duo Mr. Bintang and Mr. Seprizal.

Good luck team !