Two CSR Awards for Grundfos

The CSR CO2 Reduction Award, given to companies with concrete goals and reductions of the emission of carbon gas, was given to us for our decision to never emit more CO2 than in 2008, despite expected growth.

”Grundfos is busy exchanging old pumps and motors. Even though they say that there is still a lot to do, the company has a long-term goal of being CO2 neutral,” it said in the jury’s announcement.

Everybody made a contribution

In his speech of thanks, Group Exec. Vice Pres. Lars Aagaard said that the industry is part of the challenges of climate changes facing the world.

- But the industry is also part of the solution and a considerable part of this solution is energy reduction, he said and continued:

- In Grundfos we recognise our responsibility. Our ambition is never to emit more CO2 than we did in 2008, although we are planning economic growth. We have ”taken our own medicine” and have reduced energy consumption. This was only possible because everybody in Grundfos made a contribution. Everybody met the challenge and so I would like to thank all Grundfos staff around the world. Thank you also for the award – we are going to use it as motivation for reducing our energy consumption even more. We shall continue to share our knowledge of how to obtain energy reduction with the rest of the world, said Mr Aagaard.

Karen Touborg, Department Head of Group Environment, said the award is very well well-merited.

- It is everybody’s achievement. It was not me or the Group Environment Department who chose the CO2 reduction – it is all Grundfos staff. It is amazing that we managed to reduce CO2 emissions in a year that also saw record in turnover, as we did in 2010. It was only possible because management clearly announced the ambition, and because all staff accepted this, said Ms Touborg.

Award for communication

We received the Award for CSR Communication – for the most sustainable communicator in Denmark – for our decision to never emit more CO2 than in 2008 as well as our long-term goal of becoming CO2 neutral. This award was also given for our success in launching LIFELINK as well as our ability to ”eminently communicating the process, even when the results were not perfect.”

Director of Sustainability, Pernille Blach Hansen, emphasised that the award is everybody’s achievement.

- We  received it because everybody through the years has contributed to serious and honest communication about the entire CSR field. We don’t limit our selves to telling the good stories of our CO2 reduction and how we as an inclusive company take care of all staff, including those with special needs. We also talk openly about the things that don’t go so well, in accordance with our value of being ”Open and trustworthy”, she said.