WART-MILK invests in BioBooster

Grundfos BioBooster’s first appearance on the Polish market was a great success. The first BioBooster system has been installed in Poland at the OSM WART-MILK dairy in Sieradz, which got a high-technology purifying unit for waste water.

This means that the dairy will save money and at the same time the load on the local purifying facility will be reduced.

- The BioBooster system is a robust and reliable solution meeting our requirements for the efficient purifying of production water from the dairy, says The Deputy President of the Board of OSM WART-MILK, Dariusz Ostrouch, who is very proud of being a pioneer in implementing new technology.

Thoroughly tested installation
Grundfos BioBooster is a biologic installation for wastewater purification and the recycling of water. It is so compact that it can be installed in a container and additional modules can be added to enhance the capacity.

- The system was thoroughly tested during production which means a minimum of work is required at the operation site. The system is ’plug and play’, so to speak, explains Tomasz Kijowski, Regional Manager of Grundfos BioBooster Poland.

An expanding market
EU supports the project as a pioneering introduction of innovative solutions for the Polish industry.

The Polish market is generally very interesting for Grundfos BioBooster, as the decentralised structure of the industry offers the opportunity of many potential customers primarily within the food industry and in addition the large number of smaller villages with less than 5000 inhabitants is another important segment for Grundfos BioBooster.

- On the Polish market we are able to solve the problems of today as well as prepare the customers for the future. In the long view a system like that at WART-MILK will not only purify waste water but also use the water again for, for instance, refrigeration units and cleaning, says Tomasz Kijowski.

Precious knowledge
  At Grundfos BioBooster in Denmark, Segment Director, Søren Nøhr Bak is very pleased with the successful project. In addition to entering the Polish market, the process has been very instructive for Grundfos.

- Already in two months, system number two will be installed in Poland, he says. Thanks to the experience we made together with WART-MILK, this project have gone much more smoothly and now we are really well prepared for delivering innovative solutions to the market.