We innovate at ISH

When professionals in the water and energy businesses from all over the world gather for the huge ISH fair in Frankfurt, they are invited into a time machine. This year Grundfos will show our customers not only products that are market ready now, but also our vision for the future.

Our new Innovation Area consists of three dimensions. First we show what products and digital tools that  are available already, such as Grundfos for Installers, Ecademy and the various Grundfos GO apps. And from there our customers are leaped directly into the future.

“Our interactive demos show how connected solutions can deliver tangible value to installers and homeowners. And then we take it a step further and invite our customers to a state-of-the-art Augmented Reality experience, literally visualizing the advantages of having connected pumps in future Smart Homes,” says Kostas Kazbaras, Director of Building Services Business Development and head of the new Innovation Area.

New ways of doing business

In the third dimension our customers are introduced to mixed reality, where holograms combine the digital and real world in a unique experience that enables new and smarter ways of doing business. The Innovation Area aims to show that connected pumps are a natural and important part of buildings in the future. Right now, the latter thinking is not very common and with the powerful display of connected products and services, we have the chance to change our customers’ perception.

“I hope that the visitors will leave with the feeling that Grundfos continues to be a frontrunner when it comes to innovation. And sharing our way of thinking and opening up for comments and input from customers at an early stage, will allow us to further tailor our offerings and create a strong match to real needs of the market,” says Kostas Kazbaras.

To be the best, be with the best

In total, the Grundfos booth at ISH will be more than 1,100 square metres – our biggest ever. The main booth features our flagship products such as ALPHA3, MAGNA3, SCALA2 and MGE Motors, as well as the HVAC OEM area, four meeting rooms, a restaurant and a coffee bar. At the fair we make more face to face contacts in five days, than we make in two months in the entire DACH area, so the potential is huge.

“ISH is all about acknowledging our customers’ professionalism and their wish to be the best. We want to meet them at their terms and then really show them that we are the best choice to help them reach their goals,” says Morten Bach Jensen, GVP for Group Marketing & Sales Development at Grundfos.

Another highlight this year is the grand finale in the Grundfos Installer Championship, where 20 installers from all over Europe will compete in front of a live audience. The winner must excel in a wide range of our solutions that reflect the installers' daily lives, and there is a solid prize at stake to the best installer.